In the years since MentorCONNECT first opened our doors in 2009, the demand for eating disorders mentoring support has continued to grow.

This has also generated a great number of requests for information, guidance, and, well, mentoring from others eager to launch their own eating disorders mentoring-based organizations and programs.

In service to the evolution of mentoring for eating disorders recovery, we hope the free “how to” resources provided here will be a source of knowledge and inspiration in this direction.

Should you find that your program or organization requires additional insight into the behind-the-scenes mechanics of creating, launching and running a successful and effective mentoring-based initiative, you are welcome to apply for a one-to-one consultation appointment.

One-to-one consultations are $275 / hour. All consultations take place via phone or Skype.

Purchase your one-hour consultation via Paypal now:

About Your Consultation:

You will be consulting directly with Shannon Cutts, author of “Beating Ana” and founder and former board chair / executive director for MentorCONNECT, the first global nonprofit eating disorders mentoring community.

Your consultation will permit you to ask detailed questions and learn how this first-of-its-kind global nonprofit organization launched, garnered support from the greater eating disorder community, raised funds, recruited volunteers and participants, monitored and moderated the online portion of the community services, facilitated mentoring matches, provided organizational oversight, conducted clinical research and much more.

Purchase your one-hour consultation via Paypal now: